Comstock Ferre Complex
243-263 Main Street, Wethersfield

Comstock Ferre is possibly the oldest continuously operating seed company in the nation. It was established in 1820 by James Lockwood Belden as the Wethersfield Seed Company. In addition to its main building, fronting on Wethersfield's Main Street, the property includes a large barn, the oldest section of which was probably built sometime between the 1840s and the 1880s. The property is located in the Wethersfield National Register district and the Wethersfield local historic district. The barns on the property recently faced demolition, but the local historic district commission changed their initial ruling to deny the razing and save the barns. For more information on purchasing this property, contact: James Neckermann @ 860-883-6312 or

Comstock Ferre sits in the heart of historic Wethersfield.
Here are the neighbors...
(Mary A. Goodrich on her front porch, Jordan Lane, Wethersfield)
(Webb House, Wethersfield, Connecticut)

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