Coventry's Farmer's Market Goes to the Dogs!

It has become my Sunday ritual to head over to the Coventry Farmer's Market at the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry, Connecticut. It can't be beat for fresh produce, baked goods, farm grown herbs and flowers - not to mention culinary delights. On a recent gorgeous Sunday afternoon, Robin, (aka Bird-in-the-Hand) and I headed over to the market, only to find it overrun with dogs! Apparently, the market was celebrating our canine friends on this particular day and there were a multitude of doggy themed items to be had. Our favorite! - the dog collars designed and made by Heather Bruggeman of Beauty That Moves. They were so gorgeous in fact that Robin had trouble choosing which one to purchase as a gift for her neighbor's dog Boddington. She ended up choosing the third from the left - the one I liked, as I'm a pushy friend ;-) Either way, I am sure Boddington is quite pleased!

Heather at the Market

Gorgeous fabrics everywhere!

Fellow Market Artiste Winter Caplanson of Sleepy Moon Soaps

Gorgeous organic dyes used at Too...Cute Fiber Farm

There are many reasons to come to the market:
Robin comes for the flowers...

My girls love the Italian ice...

The husband has a Keifer's Kettle Korn addiction...

And me...I'll be found at the Howard Valley Fudge Company!

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