Cottage Industry Artists Featured at Coventry Farmer's Market

Coventry Farmer's Market
June 1st is the Grand Opening of this year's Coventry Farmer's Market with a new location on the grounds of the Nathan Hale Homestead in South Coventry. (Directions) It runs every Sunday, June thru October from 11am - 2pm. The market is known for it's fresh produce, artisan breads, baked goods, honey,jams and the like but is also a venue for local artists and craftsmen. Some of my favorite are:
Susan Parks Soap
My favorite is her Egg Yolk Soap. It is derived fr
om a 19th century recipe and produces a rich, silky lather, it's key ingredients being Eggs, Shea Butter and Bees Wax. She also does Goat Milk Soap, made from her own goats!

Cato Corner Farm CheeseProducing all their cheese by hand from their herd of mostly Jersey cows, they are located in Colchester and a review from Town & Country Magazine says it all - "World class...some are wonderfully spicy and pungent. All it takes is one bite of their most popular offering, the Belgian-inspired Bridgid's Abby, and you'll swear off bland, pasteurized cheese forever." Other varieties include the Hooligan, the Despearado, and the Drunk Monk!

Beauty That Moves
Heather Bruggeman does these quirky, vintage inspired bags as well as beaded jewelry.

There is always something totally unexpected at the farmer's market - demonstrations,
jugglers, the most perfect marinated mushrooms.....definitely worth the trip!

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