Connecticut - New England's Jewel

One of the things I love when I view other blogs & websites, is getting a glimpse of how beautiful places are all over the world. Views of stunning homes, cozy cottages, gorgeous geography - a looking glass view into how the rest of the planet lives. Among those blogs, are the design divas (you know who you are) who day after day post exquisite photos of interior design, each decorated room more dazzling than the next. And although I long as much as anyone to recreate these spectacular scenes in my own abode, I think my heart truly lies not with the interior, but the exterior. So I thought I would show everyone out there what my little corner of the world is like - out under the blue skies of Connecticut. We are located on the east coast of the United States and are fortunate to be located on the sea, but also close to rolling hills, rivers and forests. Although we are located very close to New York City and Boston, Connecticut can be very rural and my favorite homes are the old ones, dating from as early as the 1700s. Though I live in a contemporary house at the moment, I spent many years living in an 1855 Colonial. Yellow with white trim and a cornflower blue door...loved it.
So here is my quick tour...of Connecticut.
Antique Farm House
Summer Mansion by the Ocean.

Old Stone House at the end of a Lane.

Antique Cape - circa 1787

Classic New England Seaside Home with Porch.
Antique Greek Revival Colonial in the country.

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