Keen's Chop House - NYC

The Lambs Room at Keens
I've recently reconnected with an old friend of mine via the web (wonderful thing, the web.) He is, and always has been an artist, a painter (more about that later). But for a period of time, quite a few years ago, in New York City, we were both begrudgingly employed as server and bartender, pushing Mutton Chops and Single Malt Scotch at Keen's Chop House on West 36th Street & Sixth Avenue. The restaurant was originally a men's club founded in 1885 by Albert Keen, a notable figure in the Herald Square Theater District. It remained men only until 1905 when actress Lily Langtry, then paramour to King Edward of England, took Keen to court and won - soon enjoying a mutton chop of her own while wearing her famous feather boa. It paved the way for me of course, to be able to bartend there years later. The restaurant still remains today, and hasn't changed much in all these years. The same painted Lily who lounged behind me night after night, is reclining there still.
Keen's Chop House in the 1920s
The Bar with it's famous selection of Single Malt Scotch
The Lily Langtry Room
The Lincoln Room
The Bullmoose Room
Diners today...and yesterday...
A Keen's Banquet c.1938

Actress Lily Langtry, who looks like she hasn't had many Mutton Chops.

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